Some things we cannot change.

We promote the use of sustainable agricultural practises, called Agroforestry systems. It is characterised by blending multiple trees, shrubs and crops that reinforce and complement each other, thus achieving more variety of yields and the natural balance in our ecosystem. We restore nature through agriculture.

We bring together Agroforestry specialists and farmers all over the world to restore nature through an inclusive farming approach. We restore degraded landscape by designing a location specific Agroforestry system to bring back a healthy ecosystem and soil that will provide food abundance for future generations.

We can change the way we produce food.

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What is Agroforestry exactly?

Agroforestry is a more natural way of food production. No more mono-crop that needs too much water and chemicals to grow but poly-crop that is closer to nature’s original plan. Continue reading…

Want to be inspired and learn about agroforestry? Life In Syntropy made this inspiring video.

Our Team

Felipe Villela

Felipe Villela

Founder / Agroforestry Manager

"It's unbelievable how agroforestry systems can improve soil conditions. We can really bring back nature. Check out our projects."

Marco de Boer

Marco de Boer

Founder / Communications

"I strongly believe in empowering people. Helping is about sharing knowledge. It's about listening, understanding and responding. It's in our nature."

Alissa Hilbertz

Alissa Hilbertz


"I love to bring the message of change in an easy to understand and fun way."

Tirion Keatinge

Tirion Keatinge

Agroforestry Business Developer

"Nature is a defining part of me, just as humans are a defining part of nature."

Geoffroy Damant

Geoffroy Damant

Project manager

"To see further we shall stand on the shoulders of giants, but to climb higher we must pave our own way off the beaten track."

Noemi Spetola

Noemi Spetola

reNature Academy

"Projects come to live when you give your heart."

Together with these companies and organisations we restore nature through agroforestry.


"There's No Planet B."


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