Some things we cannot change.

We promote the use of sustainable agricultural practises, called Agroforestry systems. It is characterised by blending multiple trees, shrubs and crops and even livestock that reinforce and complement each other, thus achieving more variety of yields and the natural balance in our ecosystem. We restore nature through agriculture.

We bring together Agroforestry specialists and farmers all over the world to restore nature through an inclusive farming approach. We restore degraded landscape by designing a location specific Agroforestry system to bring back a healthy ecosystem and soil that will provide food abundance for future generations.

We can change the way we produce food.

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What is Regenerative Agroforestry exactly?

Regenerative Agroforestry is an agricultural system that mimics natural forest ecosystems. It focuses on soil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, carbon sequestration and climate resilience. 

Regenerative farms has shown to have higher yields over time. As the topsoil deepens, production may increase and less external inputs are required. In Brazil and many other countries there are multiple showcases proofing that it can be as economically viable as conventional practises. 

Our Team

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Felipe Villela

Felipe Villela

CEO & co-Founder Agroforestry director

"We have a very solid solution to tackle agricultural challenges globally. It's time to make these regenerative practises mainstream."

Marco de Boer

Marco de Boer

CEO & co-Founder communications strategy

"I strongly believe in empowering people. Helping is about sharing knowledge. It's about listening, understanding and responding. It's in our nature."

Tirion Keatinge reNature

Tirion Keatinge

Agribusiness Developer & PROJECT MANAGER

"Nature is a defining part of me, just as humans are a defining part of nature."

Caroline Corso

Caroline Corso

Office Manager & HR

"Bring my experience in Sustainability Communications to reduce operations costs while increasing productivity."

Leandro Viecili

Leandro Viecili

AgriBusiness & Project Developer

"I strive in collaborative environments, coordinating teams, negotiating to reach common ground, building relationships to foster intersectional interests and to liaise with internal and external stakeholders."

Luciana Haubrich

Luciana Haubrich

Business management & strategical planning

"Industrial Engineer Strategist focused on conscious leadership and development of
brands, process and design through new materials and sustainability. Challenge driven and business developer."

Alexander Daniel

Alexander Daniel

agribusiness research

"Creation of scientific sound content on regenerative agroforestry and related topics."

Alissa Hilbertz

Alissa Hilbertz

Journalist & MARKETING

"Change shouldn’t scare us into inaction; I love bringing the message of change across in a fun way that’s also easy to understand."

Together with these companies and organisations we are scaling regenerative agroforestry systems.

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"There's No Planet B."


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