An inspirational journey to learn about dynamic agroforestry: the future of regenerative agriculture.


For Dutch Verstegen, reNature developed an Agroforestry white pepper system, designed in partnership with Preta Terra. It is efficient, productive and regenerates soil and biodiversity. It’s also scalable, providing a flexible template that farmers can adapt to their own needs and preferences. And you have the chance to learn from first hand on how it is done and how to maintain an agroforestry system like this.

We wil share how systems like this can be designed and implemented through a unique in-depth workshop. We can make agroforestry a serious commercial proposition for large-scale agricultural commodity production.

This is a great opportunity to learn about agroforestry directly from the experts of Preta Terra. 

Changemakers Workshop Program

The program will give participants a general introduction to dynamic agroforestry design and implementation, detailed insight into the white pepper agroforestry system and an understanding of the local context on Bangka island. 

The program includes:
  • 3-day classes covering fundamental agroforestry concepts and dynamics, design techniques and establishment processes of dynamic agroforestry systems in a tropical context
  • Hands-on work on a recently-established white pepper agroforestry system
  • Site visits to other local farms including rubber, palm oil and pepper plantations
  • Local trips to explore the culture and geography of the Bangka island




Number of nights:

Cost per person:

Number of participants:

Workshop duration:


  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Local transport

9th November 2019

16th November 2019



10 (9 places left)

3  days

Not included:

  • Flight/travel costs to Bangka Indonesia
  • Insurance & visas
  • Travel planning to Bangka

Changemakers Workshop: Bangka Island

An inspirational seven-day journey to learn about dynamic agroforestry

890/7 days
  • 3 day Workshop by Valter Ziantoni & Paula Costa, Preta Terra
  • Visits to local farms experiencing the impact of agroforestry
  • Food and Shelter staying with the local farmers
Please read the sign up conditions at the bottom of the page.

About the Teachers


Our partner Preta Terra advocates food production associated with forest regeneration; they aim for a complex and biodiverse production system that reproduces the dynamics and natural processes of tropical forests; “we know that environmental services produced by trees can regenerate production systems and improve livelihoods in all walks of life.”

Valter Ziantoni, Forestry Engineer MSc.

Valter developed his master’s thesis in Zambia, working with local indigenous knowledge and applying systematized solutions to foster the success of sustainable projects. He has more than 10 years of agroforestry experience, including project management and coordination, forest inventories and monitoring.

Paula Costa, Forestry Engineer and Biologist

Paula is a specialist in agroforestry systems and silviculture. She worked in the coordination of the field teams and in the development of research and innovation in agroforestry production systems.

Read more about Preta Terra here, or through their website.

About what you can expect

Accomodation & Facilities

We will be hosted in the Pelawan forest near Namang. This is a beautiful campsite in a protected forest area just 5 minutes drive from the farm.

Sleeping and living quarters are located in two simple houses on the campsite, furnished with beds and storage space for clothing. Please note that these living quarters are shared. However, during previous changemaker sessions we have been able to divide quarters according to gender. 

We provide bedding to all participants, but cannot provide towels, so please bring your own. 

Note that the accommodation is not air-conditioned and we recommend to bring your own mosquito spray. 

There are basic showers and toilet facilities according to local custom. These are adjacent to, but separate from, the sleeping quarters. We recommend bringing a torch for moving around the site when it is dark.

There are also basic (hand) washing facilities for clothes. However, during the rainy season humidity levels are very high, so clothes will dry slowly. We recommend bringing enough clean clothing to cover the full 7 days.

Food & Drink

The local food in Bangka is vibrant and delicious. However, meat and fish products are commonly used. There are many dishes that are suitable for vegetarian. A vegan meal however is hard to find.

The local water supply is non-potable, meaning that all drinking water is supplied via bottles, as is the local custom. Due to the heat, it is essential to carry a re-usable water bottle with you throughout the day.

About Signing Up

Signing Up Conditions

The Workshop offers place for a maximum of 10 people. Sign ups will be awarded on the ‘first come, first served‘ principle. To sign up you pay the full travel sum directly at sign up. 

We have 9 places left.

When canceling the trip you will be charged 30% of the travel sum up to 6 weeks before the day of arrival. From 42 to 29 days before arrival 60%, from 28 days to 1 day before arrival 90% and on the arrival day or later 100% of the travel sum. The norm is the day on which the cancellation is notified by e-mail to reNature.

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